5 Negative Social Media Marketing Tactics

Social media, with little effort and a good strategy, allows millions of business owners and bloggers to keep their online presence relevant. People love social media and spend a lot of their time on networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Social media is a great way to market and push your brand or products to consumers. Engaging followers is an essential step for businesses who want to see quick growth and increase their sales.

Many companies already connect with their customers on social media, but are these relationships building a temporary customer or a lifelong customer?

To help develop that lifelong friendship with your customers, here are five tactics that many businesses abuse and might actually be hindering their online potential.

Keep the chatter to a minimum

While you may have a lot of exciting things to consistently share with your company fans, that doesn’t always mean they want to bombarded with lengthy posts in their news feeds.

Remember, you want them to click on your posts and eventually get them from the social media site to yours. Instead of typing a long-drawn-out post about your new products or services, utilize visual content as much as you can. Visual content such as an image, infographic or video, typically generates a much higher level of engagement over a text post.

Research before you tweet

If Twitter had a human mind, it would probably be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. A trending topic today can be completely forgotten by tomorrow. You can stay on top of the latest Twitter trends by researching the hottest hashtags for the day and try to include them in your tweets. This simple technique can help your business stay relevant each and every day.

All social media is not the same

While social media networks may all seem to share the same purpose, they are all actually very unique from one another. Many businesses try to fit one type of post into all of the different outlets – and this is a no-no. If your target audience or fan base spends most of their time on Facebook, then concentrate your efforts on Facebook.

Images are great eye-catchers for most social media outlets, but keep in mind that what you write in your Facebook description shouldn’t necessarily be what you write for your Pinterest post.

No one likes to be ignored

We all love replying to the positive feedback – it feels so good to be acknowledged right? But don’t leave the “Debby Downers” out to dry. Their negative feedback needs a response too.

It has never been easier for consumers to communicate compliments and/or complaints with their favorite and not-so-favorite companies. With a few keystrokes and a click of the send button and their feedback, whether wanted or not, is at your doorstep awaiting a response.

Remember, even if the feedback is negative, they still took the time to reach out to you. Don’t ignore the complainers and don’t reply with a sassy response. If you receive a complaint, try to make it better. If you receive a compliment, express your thankfulness. Let your fans know that you are listening – to the good and bad.

Be yourself

Let your posts and updates reflect who you naturally are. Your customers will enjoy knowing a real person with a real personality is behind each post. Try to have fun with your fans. Maybe start a contest, implement polls, and post funny videos. Do whatever you can to encourage your fans to visit, share, and like your company and products.

Social media is probably the best tool for growing your business strong. Marketing that doesn’t cost a dime, is fun, and effective when utilized correctly.

What would you add to the list? Let other readers know in the comments below.

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