Ello: Social Media’s Anti-Facebook?

 According to Ello, the new social network kid on the block, “Your social network is owned by advertisers.” This statement is not entirely true since Facebook & Twitter are both publicly traded, but we all know that our data is being collected and sold to a multitude of brands like dairy cows at a cattle auction, so there is some truth to the statement.

You have to hand it to Ello no matter what catchy phrase they come up with, even if it’s not entirely true. The truth is, many frustrated social media users are sick and tired of being traded like stocks on Wall Street. Ello’s stance on privacy and advertising has even deemed the company as the “anti-Facebook” – and has gained them massive publicity in a short amount of time. Publications like the New York Times, ABC News, Gawker, and New York Daily News have all ran pieces that attracted and contributed heavily in Ello’s new popularity.

Whether you are for or against Facebook and its policies, the use of personal data by Facebook and other social media networks to sell targeted ads makes you wonder where it will all end. We seem to be heading for a future depicted in the movie Idiocracy with every year that goes by. Even still, the unwanted ads and privacy concerns seem to be pushing a large amount of social media users away. Paul Budnitz, the Ello founder, believes the plethora of ads on Facebook is one major reason why users will gravitate to ad-free Ello.

Unlike Facebook, Ello will earn revenue by providing premium services instead of spamming ads at users. Budnitz has said that thousands of users have already suggested many features they are willing to pay for.

So how is it going for Ello? How do
 45,000 new members per HOUR sound? That’s the latest numbers according to Ello. Just as with anything that is popular, hackers are on the prowl and already finding ways to cause technical problems. As WordPress users, we all know about that never-ending threat.

What is your stance on Ello? Do you like what you see and have heard so far or is Ello just another social media outlet waiting to be thrown to the wolves?